“LOST” Reviews, Episodes 3 and 4

LOST Episode 3: “Jughead”

Rating: 7/10

Episode opens on some Pacific island town. Penny’s having a baby on Desmond’s boat. Flash forward, sailing at night, baby (named Charlie, sigh) with Desmond talking about a “special island”, which we learn is England. He’s going to find Faraday’s mother (Eloise Hawking). Penny’s all “my dad is gonna find us”. Desmond’s all “I’ll make it fast.” It’s an OK opening.

Back on the REAL island, the gang is surrounded by what appears to be old school Dharma folks wielding bows and arrows. Locke saves the day doing what he does best. One of the Dharma chicks recognizes Faraday (remember him at the Orchid with Marvin Candle?) Gang heads to “Other Camp” where Richard Alpert is still unaged. He doesn’t recognize John and says, “Oh I thought you were here for your bomb”. Yeah, there’s a A-Bomb on the island.



Desmond goes to Oxford and finds Faraday’s old office complete with the mouse maze. Supposedly, no one knows who Eloise or Faraday is.

On island, Faraday convinces Richard to let him see the bomb cuz he’s in love with Charlotte in a very WTF moment. Locke, Juliet, and Sawyer try to interogate some of the Dharma people. And then one of them breaks the other’s neck because he started to talk. He then runs away. Locke doens’t shoot him to Sawyer’s dismay.

Desmond goes to Faraday’s house and finds a woman dying. Supposedly, she was involved in his “research”. Oh, and Widmore was funding it. Desmond is weirded out and leaves.


Faraday goes to see the bomb at gun point by hot Dharma chick. Neck breaking Dharma guy runs into camp shouting about Locke and Co. Faraday doesn’t want to disarm the bomb, only seal it up and bury it, so he can use it 50 years later I guess. Locke and Co. show up.

Desmond confronts Widmore about Eloise and Faraday. Widmore gives him Eloise’s address in Los Angeles. Weird that this confrontation was totally anti-climatic since they’re usually at each other’s throats. So, WTF?

Back on island, we find out neck-breaking boy is young Widmore. Locke talks with Alpert about how to leave the island. And he says, “He go visit me when I’m born in 3 years.” And then the flash comes and they travel in time much to Locke’s chagrin.

OK, I’ll continue this later on when my video streaming is faster…


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